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Dutch Style Bikes by Peace Bicycles

The Best Value for Classic City Bikes Worldwide

Peace Bicycles is a Dutch style bike manufacturer offering direct pricing to buy bikes online. No middleman. Our Dreamers come fully equipped with front & rear lights, coat guard, chain guard, fenders, bell, rear rack and balloon tires standard. They are made using only the highest quality materials and offer the most comfortable upright riding position. Not to mention how awesome looking they are. Bikes ship same day before 2pm PST and next day after 2pm PST. We offer the best 24-7 customer service.

Our sleek Dutch style city bikes come in Diamond Frame and Step Through models and are also great for suburban and country riding.

Those used to riding beach cruisers often describe us as a Dutch cruiser bike brand. And they're right because we make a balloon tire bicycle so it is in a way a cruiser. At the same time, the original European style bicycles had balloon tires. And some still do.

  • Diamond Frame bike - a classic city bike in Dutch style
  • Best Commuter bike in classic Dutch style
  • Watch Dutch Style Bicycles movie
  • Step Through bike - in vintage Dutch style
  • Beautiful Bicycle with double panniers for Dutch style commuting
  • Buy bikes online to get these great unique features!
  • Step Through bicycle - Dutch style city bike
  • Bike with Basket - a Dutch style cruiser
  • Buy a bike online and get it shipped same day!
  • Step Through bicycle - European style city bike
  • Beautiful Bicycle - a Dutch style Designer bike
  • Bikes delivered 100% assembled to customers in Los Angeles!

Classic Bicycle Designs

Dutch style bikes are classic in design because of their vintage looking frames and traditional parts including guards, fenders, and rear racks. If you're shopping for a classic commuter bike, then our Peace Dreamer city bicycles are a perfect choice for you. Make sure to check our Bike with Basket package for the authentic and classy utility style.

Choose Your Preferred Dutch Style Commuter Package

For ladies who want to follow the Dutch style to the D, we offer several Beautiful Bicycle packages accessorized with fashionable European made bags, saddle covers and bells. There is also a package equipped with panniers, locks and lights for the Best Commuter Bike setup. Great for night riding.

European Cycle Chic Lifestyle Wherever You're

Our Peace Dreamer bikes will be shipped to you anywhere in the world - contact us for rates. You'll get a European style bicycle sent to your door equipped with all the guards needed to protect your clothes. Now you can follow your favorite cycle chic fashion with ease. Each Peace Dreamer bike is a great commuter with an upright riding position - a perfect fit for the European lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing pictures of all you commuters around the world!

Designer Style - Heads Will Turn!

Each Peace Dreamer is a high end designer bike that is affordably priced. Bikes feature signature styling like matching grips and a vintage saddle, engraved logos, a 3d metal headbadge and the nicest looking Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon Tires in brown or cream. The Diamond Frame model comes with a unique, retro style string coat guard. Bikes are available in three designer colors.

For fashion biking enthusiasts, we also offer designer packages that include extra fashion accessories.

The Comfortable Option

Pothole proof balloon tires, a spring-loaded saddle and comfortable grips, road-absorbing frame design and an upright seating position are just a few features that make Peace Dreamers the perfect choice for comfort ride seekers. See a full overview of our comfort bikes features.

A Smart Buy

High-end Design
Buy Direct and Save $500
Dutch Style Bike Shopping ... hassle free

For a shopper searching for the all around best Dutch style bike, there are endless options in the market. Sometimes it's great to have so many options, but other times it can drive you crazy. Going through this process ourselves, it definitely was difficult to go through. That's why we started Peace Bicycles.

With dozens of similar bike brands, we realized that there was a need to clear things up for the enthusiast consumer. We've spent years developing our own quality product and now sell it direct. We researched and created the highest quality Dutch style bicycle brand. We then identified and now offer the best value in this product category. While we're definitely not an eCommerce giant with endless selection, we're also not a dirt-cheap value brand at the expense of quality and customer service either. We just keep an eye on the market for you and help you get to the point faster! That's the way we prefer to shop ourselves it and we know we're not alone!

Direct to Consumer

We're undoubtedly a direct to consumer retail bike company. Bicycles we offer are manufactured in Taiwan at the same factories that other premium brands in the industry use. We import direct to California, and sell directly to the public Worldwide, via our online bike store at the Peacebicycles.com.

Our easy to navigate website, variety of bicycle options, 24x7 customer service and sum of knowledge collected on Dutch bikes gives the feel and expertise of buying from a local bike shop, yet offers the price advantages of buying direct from a wholesaler.

The Peace Company

Peace Bicycles is a Los Angeles based company. It's a bike season year-round in Southern California, and we're always game to go for a ride!

Dutch Style Commuting Explosion

Most people in the Netherlands commute by bicycle and it's been this way for a long time. Dutch style bikes are made to be everyday leisure commuters. These are the bikes you ride to work on, get the groceries with, and take out for a cruise to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Bicycle commuting is increasing as the congestion in cities continues to grow and as people look towards incorporating more physical activity into their lives. Cities around the world are installing safe bike lane infrastructure since more and more people are commuting by bike. Scheduled bike rides bring out thousands of people who literally shut down roads of entire parts of cities. Because of these things Dutch Biking is currently experiencing booming growth worldwide.

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