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  • Benefits of Bicycling : 84 Reasons to Get on a Bike!

    benefits of bicycling as shown by two girls

    Benefits of Bicycling

    It can be argued that the benefits of bicycling outweigh every other physical activity. There's really no exercise that can provide both the mental and physical advantages that biking can. You can enjoy biking benefits whether you're 8 or 80. You can ride your bike to work and save money. By opting for two wheels instead of four you're saving the environment. In a word, bikes are 'awesome.' Especially Dutch Bikes.  Let's take a look at more of those bicycling benefits:

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  • Bikes in Amsterdam make people happier

    bikes in Amsterdam on canal

    Seeing all the Dutch bikes in Amsterdam some 3 years ago really sparked our love for this particular bicycle type. As is the stereotype, the place is loaded with bicycles. People get around by bike more then by car. In fact an astounding  800,000 or 63% of Amsterdammers commute by bicycle on a daily basis, compared to Portland's 7%. Off course this isn't an apples to apples comparison as the states are a GIANT country and we're comparing that to one city with a high saturation of cycling. Still, it's interesting to understand that this kind of bicycle commuting is possible and more efficient in high population urban centers.

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  • Bike saddle bag - what should I put in it?

    Bicycle saddle bag - what should I put it?

    Filling up your bicycle saddle bag like seen on the Peace Dreamer Diamond frame bike above is a great idea for leisure to commuter riders.  This is especially important for all the folks who are interested in riding their Dutch bike to work but are wary of the obstacles that could stand in the way and can make you late to that one meeting in the calendar year that YOU CAN’T MISS.

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  • How to bike to work

    how to bike to work outfits

    Biking to work will make your life better!

    Bike riding to work is an amazing thing! It's a great way to get some exercise and save some money. Riding Dutch bikes to work is becoming more of a popular thing and is definitely a great way of transportation for the environment. There are so many benefits from riding your bike to work, which can be encouraging for others to join in on the trend!

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  • 100 Cool Bike Accessories for your Commuter

    double 0 lights are cool bike accessories

    As a maker of bicycles, we always come across cool bike accessories. Recently we've found some very nifty new bike accessories and we had to share them with you. Some are cool for utility and some are for fun, but all are quite unique and complimentary for bicycles.

    You can buy these accessories online with the below product links. If you think of any more cool bike ad-ons that we didn't mention, please be sure to tell us about them.

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  • Biking with Dogs is Great Fun!

    biking with dogs

    While riding on our comfort bikes is a fun activity to participate in frequently, biking with dogs is much more fun and interesting. Combining bike riding and spending time with your furry pal creates a fun and memorable experience!

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  • Comfort Bikes for Sale

    Comfort bike Dreamer Step-Through by Peace Bicycles

    What is a Comfort Bike?

    A comfort bike is basically any bike that has comfort focused elements. The industry definition is very broad, but we at Peace Bicycles believe that our Dreamer Step Through is one of the best comfort bikes on the market. Just check out some of our product reviews. If you're looking for a cushy ride that is also functional, fashionable, speedy and high end, let us prove to you why it should be your first choice!

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  • Big Bear Lake Bike Trail Trip

    Big Bear lake mountains

    We took bikes to the Big Bear lake bike trail this weekend and all I can say is - it's one of the most scenic trails I've ever been on. As we continued our Dutch bike quest to explore everything Southern California has to offer, we knew Big Bear had to be a top destination.  We drove up 2 hours from Los Angeles and arrived at our destination at around 1PM.

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  • Biking around Lake Casitas in Ojai


    For our next adventure, my boyfriend and I took our Peace Dutch bikes and our little doxie to Lake Casitas in Ojai, California. It was a really warm day and he was enjoying the breeze made by our riding. We stopped several times for water breaks for our little guy! The lake itself is a no-contact lake because it is used as a source for drinking water, so if you're looking for a swimming spot to cool off, this is not the place for you.  We did see some kayakers, so you can get pretty close to the water, but swimming is forbidden with a substantial fine!

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  • How to Ride a Bike

    how to ride a bike

    Many people don't know how to ride a bike,  and we want you to know that it's a fairly easy thing to do. Of course, in the beginning it might seem difficult but it gradually gets easier if practiced as often as possible. Like other things, bike riding takes time and patience but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.

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