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Welcome to our online bicycle shop! Peace Bicycles offers an easy way to buy bikes online, as easy as point and click. If this is your first time shopping for a bike on the Internet allow us to guide you through with 3 easy steps. If you're not sure if you should buy online, jump to our questions and answers section. Otherwise, please make your selection at our eCommerce store below.

  1. Dream Step Through 7-speed D

    Dream Step Through 7-speed D

    In true Dutch fashion, this easy to get on and off bike features designer styling & an upright seating position. Comes fully equipped in 3 beautiful head turning colors.
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  2. Diamond Frame Bike 7-speed D

    Diamond Frame Bike 7-speed D

    This diamond frame bicycle offers a sporty, aggressive look, features an upright riding position, and comes fully equipped. A vintage spoke guard adds to the look.
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  3. Bike with Basket (a value combo)

    Bike with Basket (a value combo)

    Any Peace bike with choice of basket(s).
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  4. Beautiful Bicycle (a value combo)

    Beautiful Bicycle (a value combo)

    This package is not only beautiful, but elegant. Perfect for a fashionable ride or a picnic.
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  5. Best Commuter Bike (a value combo)

    Best Commuter Bike (a value combo)

    Our straight bar or step through bike with pannier, front/lights combo, and Kryptonite Evo Mini-7 with 4-Foot Flex Lock.
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  6. Peace Bicycles Necklace

    Peace Bicycles Necklace

    Cool chrome plated Peace Bicycles Necklace w/ leather strap - Show your love!
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How To Buy Bikes Online In 3 Easy Steps

Buy Bikes online in 3 easy steps

1. Pick a model, size and color OR a value package

At Peace Bicycles, you make an easy choice between a comfort Step Through bike and a more sportier Diamond Frame bike.

Peace Bicycles frame designs

Our Step Through Dream design has a more modern appearance, with its Dutch style frame and European style coat-guard. It's available in size 47cm and is suitable for people who are 5'2" to 5'11" tall.

Peace Bbicycles Dreamer Step Thru Frame sizes

The Diamond Frame Roadster design offers a vintage look, with its retro string coat-guard. Best fitted for riders 5'7" to 6' + tall.

Peace Bicycles Dream Diamond Frame sizes

The Dream Step Through is available in three colors: Black with brown tires and cream and seafoam with cream tires. The Dream Diamond Frame is available in black with brown tires.

Here are some ideas for your consideration. Our Black color fits with any color clothing, Creme is perfect as a cycle-chic fashion bike and also fits with pretty much any color clothing. If you live on the east or east coasts or by a sea, you will love the Seafoam as it matches the color of the water.


As an option, you can also buy a complete package - a bicycle already accessorized for different needs.

One of the advantages of buying online is that you can pick many accessories at the same time and see how they would look on your bike.

We offer several packages designed with our customers in mind. We've determined the most popular setups and offer them as value bundles.

For example, if you're interested in commuting, the Best Commuter Bike package may be great for you. If you're into cycle chic fashion we have the Beautiful Bicycle package with gorgeous cycle chic fashionable setups.

We also offer several Bike with Basket value combos - with some of your favorites baskets included.

What if we're a small office or a small business ... can we buy bikes online for the entire staff? Call our online bicycle shop at 847-877-9967 and we'll happily provide a quote asap! Read more about Corporate Retail options.

2. Pick a delivery option

One of the advantages of buying a bike from Peace Bicycles is that we offer three delivery options.

  • A. We can ship to your door. This is a great option for those who wants to assemble themselves.
  • B. We can ship to a nearby bike shop. With this option you could pick it up fully assembled at the shop.
  • C. We can deliver it fully assembled to you if you live in or around Los Angeles.

3. Pay and Get it shipped the same day

Our store is open online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you buy before 3pm EST or 2pm CST or 12 noon WST, your bike will ship the same day.

Peace Bicycles eCommerce accepts all major credit cards and paypal payments. You can even setup a payment plan with Paypal right at our store.

Have Questions or Concerns About How to Buy Bikes Online?

We address most of them below. Not sure if you should buy a bike online - please read on. We thrive to make your shopping experience enjoyable!

If your concerns are not addressed below, please call us at 847-877-9967 - we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Should I buy online? What are the advantages?

Price Advantage of Buying Direct: Since we do not sell through retailers which charge for promotional costs, we pass the savings on to you.

Product Advantage: With Peace Bicycles you get a bike you won't be able to get anywhere else. We sell our bicycles exclusively on this eCommerce site.

Knowledge/Customer Care Advantage: We stand 100% behind our brand and will provide the best customer experience humanly possibly. While bike shops sell many brands, we sell only one - ours - and are dedicated to it specifically. We can answer any question you may have quickly.

Accessories Advantage : When buying online you can get many accessories that are not available in a local bike shop or a department store. When you buy a value package at the Peace Bicycles eCommerce shop, you can get some exquisite accessories with your purchase, in European or US designs.

More Q & A

How do I contact Peace Bicycles?

Call us at any time at 847-877-9967. Ask for Mike at our customer service department. We're available 24/7.

How do you pick the right size?

On this page, we've included a diagram with all the bike dimensions necessary in determining what size fits you best. We also recommend certain sizes for your height.

How can you get your bike assembled?

- Yourself. Your assembly instructions and all tools needed are included inside the box.
- At the neighborhood bike shop. $60 to $80 for assembling.
- LA customers get it assembled when they purchase the delivery option.

Can you get it fully assembled?

Yes, if you live in or around LA.

What if you have a problem with a bike?

Call us asap. We thrive to provide the best care for our customers.

We carefully inspect every bicycle before we ship it and any issues are extremely rare. In the rarity of an issue, we will help you to identify and resolve the problem. We carry all spare parts and will send you replacements. If a bike arrived at your door with some minor damages because of shipping and handling, we'll be glad to take care of them as well. Send us pictures of the damage and we'll respond with the suggested action plan.

Where will I get the bike serviced?

Most local brick and mortar bike shops would love to service your bicycle.

Can I return it or cancel my purchase?

Yes. Please view our return policy.

What warranty do you offer?

Check out our warranty here.

Is is safe to shop on

Yes. Our website is built in accordance with the latest security standards. All transactions are secure and through either major credit card merchant or Paypal.

How soon will I get my bike?

If you buy it at the Peace Bicycles eCommerce store, it gets shipped to you the same day or the next day, depending what time of the day you complete your purchase. We use FedEx to deliver it. It takes on average 3 to 5 days to deliver. If you order on Monday, you could have a brand new bicycle at your door by Thursday or Friday.

Can it be picked up or do you deliver?

We will deliver a fully assembled bike to and around LA.

If I don't live in the US, can I buy your bicycles online?

This option is coming soon.

Where can I find Peace Dream bicycle reviews?

You can find Reviews on our product pages, and also on Amazon

Reviews can be of great help when selecting your bike model.

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